Investigate the end user and design the interface of an ATM for the Paraguayan neobank UENO.


UENO is a Paraguayan bank that created an ATM for an elderly target audience. Field research was conducted to study the user and understand their needs as well as to match them with the bank's objectives.

My Role

UX - UI designer of the project from the conceptualization phase of the product to the creation of wireframes and high fidelity prototype.


We investigated the user and their financial behavior, where we found that the majority of the population does not know how to manage money and are not clear about financial terms. This means that they do not know the total amounts of the digital account and do not know how to withdraw or move money through the ATM.

User Interviews

I conducted field interviews with users to learn about their family and work environment, as well as their level of financial knowledge.

Prototyping and Testing

I created low-fidelity prototypes to attack nearby cash withdrawal and balance inquiry targets, testing the product concept and the main ways to reach the target.

High Fidelity Prototyping and Iteration (HFP)

Once the different findings of the tests were found, I lead with the design team the construction of the final prototype creating more than 100 screens of the multiple transactions that users can do in the ATM.

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We achieved a great reception of the product by the users, making them take ownership of the brand.

  1. We were able to speed up the ATM withdrawal time.
  2. We opened the possibility of making transactions directly at the ATM without any risk.
  3. We generated a possibility to enroll with the bank and obtain an account through the ATM.

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